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50+Cm Bass Pics, As Promised.


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Hi All,

As hodgey and I have alluded to, I finally managed to crack the magic 50cm mark landing a trophy sized bass 2 weeks ago. This bass has been the result of many hours spent prospecting new and varied waters. The past couple of sessions have seen me tangle and loose to a much bigger class of bass this year. I think the floods we had last Feb really freshened the whole system up, and allowed alot of big bass to make the spawn run down to the salt. Subsquently, all those big mean and fat bass are heading back upstream right through my regular stretches of river. Tackle loses have been high in the last 3 sessions, with me losing 5 SB's in 3 sessions :ranting2: . It had been a procession of 44cm bass (4 in total), so I was itching to set a new PB and break the 45cm mark :mad3: !

This big bass came from a new stretch of river, after a fruitless 1.5km paddle down stream past a series of high rapids I finally managed to find some bass. I placed my favorite SB onto the leading edge of a likley looking snag into 3' of water. As the SB splashed down a big bass turned and boiled the surface as it headed over to investigate. 3 cranks of the handle and the whoile retreive came to a quick and shuddering halt as Mr bass decided to take me for a run up stream. I knew this was going to be a good fish as it easily peeled 6lb braid set under a heavy drag setting. These big fish can pull! After a couple of deep dives and a heart stopping failed first net attempt :1yikes: , the bass came to the kayak :yahoo: !!!! Crap, I think i said to myself (or something similar), this was going to be a new PB, I just didnt know by how much.

Any way here are the pics, I think I've babbled enough!The only down side to fishing alone is there is no one to take a victory pic of me and my fish!!

Cheers Nick.

post-14508-094983700 1289808121_thumb.jpg

post-14508-051218100 1289808150_thumb.jpg

post-14508-013306500 1289808173_thumb.jpg

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Man, that's a great bass. Love the hand and toe hold shot. :074: You might want to consider a simple camera attachment to the kayak that would allow you take a pic of yourself using the self-timer. On the other hand, forget about it if it gets in the way of your fishing. That's more important right? ...

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Congratulations on your PB Bass, Nick!! That is one HELLUVA bass!!! :1yikes: :1yikes: A terrific report, too. WOW! It may be a while til you 'top' that one ..... tho they are probably there, waiting for you!!

Well done



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