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Harbour Allnighter


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Hi raiders

Just a quick report

Got out on saturday night through to sunday.

First up have to say was an interesting trip.Sunday morning pulled up to a usual fishing spot and seen another boat there,and i asked "Caught anything fellas!!"They replied "No!! Just had a bit of a dilemma,had to jump into the water with all my clothes on to save my rod" .The bloke said

Me and my uncle had a laugh and then 40sec later my uncle said hey Nick LOOK!!What i replied? Just seen a fin!!

No way!! I said yeah serious look!!Turn my head and see a shark fin heading towards our boat,my uncle casts his lure at it and it made a huge splash and took off!!The bloke in the other boat goes What was that?Shark we replied.lol shouldve seen the blokes face !!

That was the first time ive seen a shark from my boat.

Anyways back to the report!! Caght 5 squid a soapie Jew,15 bream( kept 9 for a feed),and my unle got a nice kingy!!

post-10704-097851000 1289820655_thumb.jpg

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Well did you get that shark on a lure ?

Or did you just get that other guy to crap his daks for your amusement?

Seriously I wouldn't go in after a rod....in fact I eat so many fish that sharks would reckon I TASTED like fish and swallow me whole.....

Nice bag of bream you got - and the jewie and kingie are icing on the cake.

I no longer do harbour all-nighters bcos the best spots I know for jewies are in the shipping lanes and on a couple of occasions we had bluddy big ships fly by us at 15 knots at 2:00am with an irate captain shaking his fist at us and yelling something I couldn't quite hear.....and I justa bout did crap my daks.....

Well done on the catch...


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