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Hawkesbury Classic

Headin Out

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Hey Raiders,

My mate and I fished the classic last weekend and struggled with the heat but got a few fish. We headed out to east reef to get some bait and trolled up some bonito for jewie baits. After filling up with yakkas we headed up river for the night. The couple of hours up to dark fished very well for bream on both Friday and saturday with over 30 legal size bream being caught. All but half a dozen were returned. We weighed in a 36cm but were way behind the 1.3kg monster that won. I have never caught so many small jewfish around 15cm. The bream just loved the leadies we used for bait. My mate ended up with a 5.5 kg jewfish and was very lucky to get heaviest jewfish ( 4th heaviest fish ).

We nearly missed the weigh in when a huge piece of rio went through our tyre on the way there. We were stuck on Windsor Road without a fitting tyre Iron until the missus saved us by bringing a different tyre iron. Any way we had a great weekend and enjoy fishing the classic each year

Cheers Anthony

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hey headin out thanks for a great weekend an for putting us on the fish was very lucky to get a place with the jew.the bait leadies is a frigate mackrel i think is the best bait you can get for bream absolutely awesome once we ran out of that bait we changed to bonito an did not get hardley any bites.will be stocking up on them again this summer for sure.thanx again anth

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