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The Jew


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Hi guys,

Seems like the bigger jews are cummin up through the hacking again woohoo

Very nice size jew congrats mate.That spot puts out some crackers when they;re on,20+kilo models.Bet you nailed him on the low to still part of the tide???.

Can;t wait to read your next report as you,ve definately got the jew reports flowing :thumbup:


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Nice size jewie. Good to see they are in the Hacking ATM as at my stomping ground in MH it seems that we are looking at another year where the jews are not entering in numbers. Its strange as there is plenty of food for em but there not around. I have stopped atargeting them as a waste of time.


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Lowrid3r gets the credits for perfect gaff. Glad to share the experience with a good mate. Actually me that caught that one.

your a champion bro i wish you came with me nite landed an awesome one

so u get to have one on the bbq n so do i ahahahahh

we should go for a session soon

post-15750-021514400 1290192637_thumb.jpg

post-15750-087136600 1290192653_thumb.jpg

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