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Hey raiders,

I headed out this morning but was pretty lazy and ended up leaving a fair bit later than i had planned. I got to the ramp at about 7am and it was packed (I had to park almost 500m away)! I had a chat to berley king on the way out and watched him land a nice king.

At this stage i had no bait so i kept on going. I had a look around the heads and the water was pretty green and not much was showing on the sounder. I decided to flick around some plastics for some snapper and landed a couple mixed in with some reefies.

After reading a report from another raider last night i was keen to hit 12mile but thought the better of it considering i was fishing solo. Instead i went up to long reef. There were rats galore -which was good and also bad. After i had landed 4 fish (including one on 8lb spin gear which i saw hit the lure!!!) i tried working away from this school to find bigger fish. Unfortunately it was not to be.

I then went back to the harbour and stopped past the heads to flick some lures. Only rock-cod so kept on moving. Got to the harbour and went past one of the markers which showed some promising marks. After two passes i got a hit. I put the reel in gear and felt some headshakes but no weight. I started winding in and continued feeling the headshakes. Was the fish following the boat or was it a super greedy mirco rat? Neither! As the squid hit the surface it was chased by a rampaging king vicously striking it. I quickly freespooled the reel and within a split second the king engulfed the bait and raced towards the bottom. What a spectacular sight! After a short but intense tussle in comes an 81cm fish.

I had a look around the marker as there were some promising marks but no more takers. Nonetheless a good way to end the day.

post-6215-052711900 1290321225_thumb.jpg

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Good to hear you got a fish mate - it looks a bit skinny but I'm sure it will be very tasty! I was in the kayak at longie but went home empty handed after throwing about four rats back, I should have just salt and peppered my calamari...:(

Next time... but glad to hear someone got something...:)


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