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The Hacking 21/11/10


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With my brother finishing the hsc, my dad thought, what better way to celebrate then going fishing :D My brother, my dad and I woke up at 5:30 to get ready and hit the water early. For possibly the first time, we didn't encounter any problems on the way to the boat ramp which is always a good start to the day. We head out for some squid, but to no avail. We then went for some flathead, only to bring up about 10 babies and 2 legal flatties, one sitting on 38cm and the other (unmeasured) was well over 50cm. By this time, my brother was lying asleep in the cabin with no clue what was happening, so we took off in search for a reef and wouldn't you know it, after about 3 different attempts, we found a nice little reef. We stayed there for the remainder of the day and after a few nice catches, i heard a voice from behind me "dad can you set up a rod for me". The day took off from there with a few triple hook ups and some frustrating moments with leather jackets. In the midst of it all, we caught two great squid both over 70 cms. ALl in all, a very good day, managed to come home early and eat some fish, calamari and chips with some relatives, thats always a fun thing to do :thumbup:

post-9995-011434000 1290335663_thumb.jpg

post-9995-063754300 1290335738_thumb.jpg

post-9995-052150700 1290335776_thumb.jpg

post-9995-050921200 1290335799_thumb.jpg

post-9995-007085100 1290335814_thumb.jpg

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Spinner 7 that's a great catch and good report i reckon you should do the reports from now on their more interesting and you don't make spelling mistakes like your dad ah good on you cheers Jim bream .

HA! dont you start :074::mad3:

OK OK I do make mistakes :1fishing1:

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