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Trout Fishing Rig


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Hi Experts,

I am planning to head far noth west for a trout fishing + camping trip.

I've never tried catching trouts before. Any advice on the rigs I should be using? I was thinking of taking some floats, sinkers and hooks that I use for breams.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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trout are a sucker for a live worm or cicada superglued to a hook and cast out but before you go bait fishing check the regs is it fly only water or fly/spin only or are all methods allowed? My best advice is if you don'rt fly fish then go for the spin option light tackle 1 - 3 kg some rapala's in CD5 (brown trout pattern the F5 in brown trout and maybe a J5 as well as some very light jig heads with trout pattern squidgies, but really any bream lurethat looks like a juvenille trout especially for browns which predate on their young and are very agressive at times fish the change of light, if you can get a few get some veltics and celtics very deadly if fished right!



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