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Syd Harbour

Little Hooker

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Quick report, was on the harbour on monday with a boat fill of woman... :wacko: Had promise to take them out for a session after they graduated from uni.

Picked up some yakkas at rose bay pretty fast then headed to so markers with no success then decieded to have a look out side the heads as the water was pretty flat. Bumped into a school jus off south head and bag 2 decent bonnies on the 15g slugs b4 they went under, im pretty sure i saw a few big salmon also. Troll down to diamond bay with out a hit b4 the girls got sea sick :1badmood: so i was forced to troll back inside and jus around the gap the little tekota goes off and a litte king comes up measure at 56cm. Starting to get tricky when the wind and the tide go oposite way so was on the way back to the ramp when i saw numerous groups of birds workin the water. I had trouble stayin with each school as they were gettin spooked so easy. Hooked up 5 times but only boated 3 tailors from 33 to 40cm. Saw some big yellow tails flick out of the water in a few of them schools!

cheers, LH

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Yep forget the fish mate you look like you had your hands full with the women. As for the fish yep if you want Bonnies they are in plagues everywhere from Botany bay to the harbour just outside. As for the Kings I haven't come across any big ones yet. They are all rats below 60cm. Hopefully next month might just see the big ones in. Good job!

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