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Sydney Harbor And North Head

Aqua Naut

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Well headed out Wedneday Morning to try some Harbor fishing with Big Kev as he too had the day off and couldn't ask for a better morning. Winds had eased from last night but expected to pick up again by midday. On the water at 5am and headed out to the bait grounds for some bait but found it hard to locate the bait so we headed for the heads to try some trolling and as soon as we got to the mouth There wer plagues of Birds roaming the surface of the water and huge schools of Bonito chomping the surface :yahoo: . It was an awesome sight. There were at least 5 different schools working the surface around us so it was time to cast out some lures. Within 30 minutes we had bagged 8 Bonitos to 50cm :thumbup: . As they school were around us but what ever was under the boat had scared the living daylights of the fish and they just vanished in a second. I've never seen several bonito leap out of the water like and that was that. They were all gone and never seen them again. Maybe a Shark, Marlin not sure but it was big. Anyway by 9am the wind had picked up around the 15 notts from the NE and the swell was a good 2 to 3 mtrs so we decided to head in and do some bait fishing for Kings. Anchored up at Quarantine and burleyed heavy. After a good 30 minutes of burley it was on the kings decided to show up and they were all around us but playing cheaky. Throwing plastics and lures at them but they didn't want to play. Decided to fillet Bonito and within 10 seconds we were on. A little Rat Kingfish 59cm. A quick photo and he was away back to the bottom. :thumbup: Great fun on light gear. Big Kev was then hooked onto a good size Salmon which we had close to the boat and then he spits the hook :ranting2: It was 1pm and the Harbour was a mess with the wind gusting to 30 notts we called it a day. It was rocky ride back to the ramp. All in all a great mornings fishing in one of the best Harbors in the world. Tight Lines!! :1fishing1:

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Sounds like a great day Aqua Naut, i wonder though what were you using for burely, was it the Bonito? We picked up 6 Bonnies yesterday, burleyed them up as we caught them and picked up 4 Kings trolling lures, yakkas and (for the bigger two) skirted squid strip and skirted half squid head.

What we weren't sure of is if the trail of bonito we were leaving (we were looping an area close to the rocks) was helping, or if it was a waste of time?

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