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6 Blackfish


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fished the mona vale rocks 6.30 this morning started off very slow with only 1 fish in the net till 7.30 as the waves picked up so did the fishing by 8.30had 6 big blackies so called it a day all fish were over40cms

also tried a small new float that was quite good made by my mate

peter :1fishing1:

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hi newbiewhunter

my system of cleaning blackies is

when caught keep alive in a keeper net until you have enough

first i cut the heads off and gut them and scrape out the black stomach lining

i do not scale them

put in fridge overnight then i fillet them as i find this firms up the flesh

then i skin them [easier to skin with the scales on ]

cut the blood line out and tou have good boneless fillets to cook and enjoy

peter :1fishing1:

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Nice fish Peter! I need to source some new floats..lost 1 of my nice cider one a month or so ago to this big bream that bust be off in weedbeds. Sadly the guy isnt able to make them anymore.


Seems like the old guys are no longer making them for tackle shops. Why would they, when the stores can buy them from H.K. for a few cents each. They are nowhere near as good as the old ones, but you can buy a pack of 6 Jarvis Walker floats for around $15 delivered. The large ones are o.k. off the ocean rocks if it isn't too turbulent, but I have had to make my own large floats of late. The store ones do not have any weight on the stems and they also have cheap line guides, but they can be made serviceable with very little effort. If you make your own, I have found 4mm Tassie Oak dowel and champagne corks to be the best bet. A high speed lathe or drill is best for shaping the corks.

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