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  1. hello raiders ,, im here once again, question please , will a 3000psi (cold water) pressure washer remove loose water based exterior paint from roof eaves? the reason im asking is because i hate being on a ladder so im thinking about doing everything from ground level including removing the paint with a washer such as this one from bunnings hire. thank you for your answer
  2. ive replaced the brushes in my cordless drill so ive got some idea ,, i just dont know if this model has brushes or doesnt , some of them dont i believe
  3. as well as any , i try to take care of all tools the best i can
  4. its working ok the motor is running just a little,... how can i describe it ? dry,, or a little rough, i dont know much about electric motors and i was thinking that if i spend a few dollars this would last me another 5 years
  5. hello everyone , ive had this Ryobi electric corded whipper snipper for about 6 years and i was wondering if i have to replace brushes in the motor ? does anyone know anything about these motors please ? thank you for your reply
  6. hi there raiders , i just spoted this post on MSN (the gardian ) they are talking about ocean eddies and how , as we head into summer, the giant eddy is unlikely to go anywhere. If it moves towards the coast, where marine life is concentrated, we will see water temperatures spike – and possibly, underwater disaster for many species. anyone know more about them the last one we had was in 2021 , thought this may interest some of you ,
  7. there was a time when the weather reports were much more accurate , these days its anyones guess , anything less then 80% has been proven wrong at one time or another , so 20% chance means There is a 20% chance that at least some part of your region will get rain and then aqain maybe there will be no rain at all anywhere .
  8. thank you for that , i certainly will give it a go ,
  9. this is an old place ,splashes on old bricks , it will be only spot cleaning splashed paint , either 3 in one sealer primer undercoat or top coat either one water based , bricks will remain as is after cleaning only splashed paint exterior old bricks have splashed 3 in 1 sealer, primer, undercoat, or top coat either one water based , painted some security window bars and we got some of the paint on the bricks , not much at all but the boss lady will not be happy if we leave it the way it is
  10. hello everyone , i tried removing water based paint from bricks using turps with no luck , does anyone know what to use please? thank you for your reply
  11. WOW!! is this a record catch? never seen a zander this big before ,
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