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Camping In Canberra


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The Brindabella national park has lots a great spots, but at the moment i dont think any will be accessable at all till the rain and flooding ceases. Have you got a 4wd? As most campsites within the depths (the good ones) of the park need 4wd access. The others on the edges of the park can get crowded and just dont give you that "camping away from it all" feeling as the more secluded spots do.

As for a bit further south of canberra, lake eucumbene has been a nice spot that was only introduced to me this year at the start of winter. Would be a great spot at the moment as the trout are having a blast eating all the hatching bugs. Would be a nice place for a swim too at the moment as it starting to heat up down that way. Eucumbene is quite secluded so anywhere even with 2wd along there will be a nice place to camp.

East side of Canberra has some nice places too, but thats only from what my mates that are local tell me and northside im not too sure of either.

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The last time i "camped" in Canberra i was blind as a bat and slept in the back of a wagon in a carpark at Woden! Ahhh crazy times!

Seriously though, just prior to the closed season on streams my best mate was getting plenty of large browns up to 6lb in the Eucembene River on fly, not sure of how the lake is fishing but I would assume the whole general area would be firing this time of year! Good luck Jermz


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Take all your winter woollies with you & some spare as well - it will be absolutely FREEZING!!

Also check out that all the roads are open & maybe take chains for your tyres just in case?! They had a blizzard up there last weekend with huge dumpings of snow.

I stayed in a caravan at Jindy some years back, for 'drive in' skiiing - I'd never been so cold in my life & that was with the heater on all night too (not recommended for safety reasons ANYWHERE!)

Good luck, look forward to reading your report!


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Got back yesterday, fishing was good.

On wednesday we got to Anglers Reach threw a few rods out and set up camp, before we had finished my mates rod was bending over, a nice 33cm rainbow on the powerbait. That day we got about 4 or 5 more. In the evening i got the biggest of the trip, not that big though, a rainbow of about 39cm, we ended up reaching our bag limits before we went to bed. It was lucky we decided to call it a day because it started snowing. Freezing night, iwas shivering in my -10 sleeping bag. At 3am we decided to move into the car, :biggrin2:

My mate slept well but i wasnt so lucky, at least i got to watch the sun rise over the moutains. In the morning we got one more rainbow again at around 33cm and i hooked up to a big one, but i dint hook him right :mad3: oh well.

Wen went home with plenty of trout for the able and we had a great time, first time wed been troutfishing, we usually fish in canberra for natives, carp and reddies.

Hopefully i can fit another trip in before the end of the holidays,

Cheers, Jeremy

( Forgot to add that they were all caught on powerbait, mainly rainbow in the day and orange pulp at night, probably explains why we just caught rainbows )

post-16504-034888000 1310692168_thumb.jpg Only pic i could manage before the camera broke

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Well done, Jeremy & Wen on your fine trout catches! So glad the fish came out to play!!

I can only imagine how cold it was there frozen.gif I've camped in the snow in Europe in a down sleeping bag & was so cold, some of us went into the Camp Kitchen & turned the ovens on, sleeping on the floor in there instead of our tents!!074.gif It wouldn't have been too comfy in the car??wacko.gif

Hmmmm, maybe I'll try powerbait next time! Thanks for the colours!! thumbup.gif



Try the camera again, now you are home - sometimes the extreme cold drains the battery in double quick time. Put new batteries in it & it could be OK

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