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Syd Harbour


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hey guys, unfortunatley my best mate has had a motorbike accident recently and has sustained 25% burns to his body. he is finally able to return to normal life and has asked me to take him fishing this weekend (dependant on weather) he has never caught a kingfish and neither have i off a boat.

i will however be taking my brothers boat out with him to the harbour which i have never fished before (usually the hawkesbury) i have got the gps co ordinates from the site but i was wondering if you fellow fishraiders could lend me a hand an either post or PM a few gps co ordinates either in the harbour or outside does not bother me. Thanks all in advance even if you give us a few handy tips thank you all

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Hey there mate,

sorry to hear about your friend but glad to hear he hasn't lost his taste for fishing!! :biggrin2: i've had a few good reports lately of good sized kings just outside the heads trolling lures or fishing with livies, early morning seems to be better than anything although a couple of my mates got into some XOS size kingies gettin onto dusk a week or so ago....

anyways let us know how you go.

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