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Fezza In Hospital


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Hi all ,

Leo (Fezza) our newest moderator has been rushed off to hospital for emergency sugery :(

Please get well soon mate and we hope everything turns out ok.

Regards Admin

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Thanks guys. Made sure i had my phone for browsing here.

Well had a ummm accident yesterday arvo and after discussion with the wife decided to wait until morning and see my GP.

So off i went workin on my boat and running around doing stuff. Later in the evening things got worse so off i went to Wyong hospital. Spent a few hours waiting to be seen and finally a doctor saw me. After he realised what was going he got on the phone and next thing i knew i was being rushed to Gosford hospital in the back of an ambulance.

Within minutes i was being wheeled into theatre for emergency surgery. A few hours of surgery and i was awake asking for maccas breaky and joking around. Back in the ward now groggy as hell and in a heap of pain but determined not to miss my reading on here haha.

If i hadnt listened to my wife and gone got checked i could've ended up with some serious problems, the visit to the GP i had planned would've been to late.

Raiders, if something is wrong with you dont put it off or have the she'll be right mentality, get it seen to asap and sorted out, i'm lucky i went got checked because if i didnt i could've ended up with lifetime problems.

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Decided on payin a mobile sparky to finish off my electrics when i get home and Gary count me in for a jew session, I'm comin no matter what lol

Thank god for mobiles, all i've done is play games, sit on here and browse net, goin mad layin here doin nothin.

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