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No Compression In 1 Cylinder


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Hi Raiders, im looking for some advice for a mate. He called me yesterday explaining that his 1999 200HP Evinrude 2 stroke is showing no compression in 1 cylinder. Apparently it starts and runs but is a bit lumpy.

Does anyone know what the costs would be (roughly) to repair this? Im guessing its time to upgrade.

Any help would be great.

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Hi Billy, if only damaged on one cylinder it will be cost effective to fix. A new OS piston and rebore on no.1, hone on others with new rings, gaskets, new water pump and a few other things that 45 years experience teaches you to check/replace you will be looking at about $1K in parts. If paying someone to do it make sure they know what they are doing and find the cause otherwise it could happen all again-an engine does not get to 11 years old and fail without a cause. Labour to do it right can be tricky but you would be looking at about $2-$2.5K, so for about $3-$3.5K it will be cheaper than buying a new engine but as I said you will need to find a cause and nothing wrong with that engine, but the newer ones are a big improvement. Post a model number and i can be more accurate in pricing and if my engine or it was here the first thing I would do is remvoe the cylinder head and see what it looks like inside-this take about an hour.



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