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  1. if the motor checks out and you can get it at a price that takes in the age of the motor and your looking at a repower in the next few years then maybe worth the gamble just my opinion cheers dunc333
  2. sorry rivercon i didnt look at your profile .if it was me my 1st address would be getting in and out of boat at the ramp.maybe one of those hook ladders that hook over the gunnel and once finished you just lift them off and store .if you google boat gunnel ladders theres heaps of different soughts out there
  3. if your boats not a drive on trailer set up buy a electric winch which alot of my mates have done to make retreive easier.what sought of set up[ do you have? then you will get better advice i would think cheers dunc333
  4. thats f--ked what they did to your tralier birdy please keep us informed of the court proceeding .round here in the inner west they have been slashing trailer tyres lately .the cops were notified but havnt heard of any culprits but the locals know who he is
  5. guys great reading and both frank and noel thanks for the list..bryant i did have a yalta 1600 for i reckon for 18 years .i bought it for 5 and sold it for 6k i think i did 3 trailers. a suzuki 2 stroke banga and a 4 stroke merc .i reckon with the trailers and motor and all of the addons i reckon i spent easy 20k over the years but she always got me home and i took her to the top of aus and down as far as portland in victoria now i have carribeen offshore and i reckon it will out last me cheers dunc333
  6. so if it is just catch and release with the blue groper thats fine with me.please tell me does anyone eat blue groper.? .or can you be fined for catching one which wouldn't make sense cause you cant tell the groper the baits not for you cause your the state emblem .so its just catch and release for fishos right???? and no shoot or take for the spearos right???.which was always the rule but some idiot didnt know or he just didnt care ? cheers dunc333
  7. get the best your budget allows
  8. i dont agree with some of your reasons fab1 .alot of people only get that time off work to go fishing over the xmas break with there family, hence why its busy at ramps .it would be awsome if we all had the choice to only fish weekdays and lots of people work 6 days even 7 now just to make ends meet ..Robbos only complaint is the nsw goverment has a road rule that you cant park any veichle over 7.5m long or over 4.5t for more than 1 hour on any build up area 50km zone rule 32 street road cresent etc ,which is the most stupid rule among many out there .which needs to be changed cheers dunc333
  9. dunc333


    hi eitai start on battery 1 .then half way through your trip when engine is off switch to battery 2 .start engine on battery 2 for the rest of the day so battery 2 gets charged up as well .as xerotao just said vsr (voltage sensitive relay) is the way to go i have one but its still sitting on my bench but will hook it up when i get a chance cheers dunc333
  10. yeah good idea without starter and generic forward controls its doable .maybe a 2nd hand forward controls and cables ..your still gonna need a helm station though . i will keep a lookout where are you located paikea .if you good do it for a $1000 would you do it? cv"s are bullet proof .i had i cv 75hp ,i couldnt kill it and sold it on and i bet its till going strong
  11. dunc333

    Might be moving

    good luck for tomorrow Noelm you must live near where the famous dragons bbq took place🤩
  12. not worth doing paikea unless you can find one getting wrecked and parted out i reckon not much change from $2000 if buying all the parts and thats not including fitting etc. i agree they are bullet proof engines with tlc .ring some wreckers you never know unless you ask cheers dunc333
  13. good luck with your treatment Paikea regards dunc
  14. thats including your trailer weight as well in the 550kg ?
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