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Lake Glenbawn Bass


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Hi Raiders,

Went for a few days at Lake Glenbawn last week in an attempt to catch my first Bass, a bit of a nemesis fish that has alluded me until now. Thanks to some of the reports posted here and a few tips from tackle stores I finally put a few runs on the board after a lot of trying.

Fish were fairly hard to come by and I threw a hell of a lot of casts before finally coming up with the goods but I'm glad I kept at it.

All fish were caught on spinnerbaits in either purple/black or red/black combinations 1/4 and 1/2 oz fished in shallow bays right up in the very back of the bays or in standing timber. Gear was light threadline, 6lb braid with 10lb fluorocarbon leader.

I saw a lot of fish schooling up around the 30ft mark around timber in the sunken forests but they seemed very shut down and wouldn't bite anything despite repeated attempts with spinnerbaits, bibless minows, soft plastics, deep divers and pretty much any lure you can think of. I'm assuming these would be bass that school up in the deeper water once the sun gets a bit too high but having never fished an impoundment in my life before and being a bass newbie I'd be interested to hear from anyone who might be more knowledgable than me as to if they would be bass and if so what you do to get them to strike when they are in this kind of mood?

First bass ever was 37cm and had a big dent behind it's head where something must have had a go at it in the past, others were a bit smaller but still in the low 30's. Al fish were returned to the water after a quick photo to go on to become bigger and better next time.



post-16625-016331600 1292310922_thumb.jpg

post-16625-035671400 1292310937_thumb.jpg

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Congrats on your first ever Bass feistyfish :thumbup: !! Now that you've got some runs on the board I'm sure there'll be plenty more where they came from.

Ahhhh......Lake Glenbawn, what a beautiful spot.........I wish I was back there right now!!!!



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Welcome to Fishraider, D. :1welcomeani:

Congratulations on defeating your nemesis and getting your first Bass. Do a search on 'Glenbawn' using the search function and have a read of any topics you find there postes by Swordfisherman... he does a Glenbawn trip every year and usually poles the bass.

Cheers, Slinky

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