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New rod to match


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Hello once again everyone,

Looking at matching up my saragosa 14000 with a new rod but have been looking for ages and have found nothing which grabs my attention. Been looking at the shimano t-curve deep jig 200 but have heard very mixed reports about them and to stay far away from the deep jig 400 (broomstick).

Im using the deep jig 200 as a reference to show what im looking for but mainly just something versitile; jig, troll, livebait...

Planning to use the rig for big kings if im lucky and the smaller ones

Thanks again everyone, hopefully someone can end my search.


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Ive played around with the saltiga hiramasa jigging rod and that was insane!! A bit to pricey thou :( I also played around with a live fibre and really liked it but i think its too long to jig with.. What do you guys fish for with the deep jig 400's?


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