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Alvey 6000BCVRR and Wilson MT6144


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Hi All,

Went down to my local store looking for a new Beach fishing rig!

After scouring the forums I was originally thinking of getting a Alvey 650B or 6500bcvrr with matched rod but the guy ended up selling me the below combo....

Ended up coming home with an Alvey 6000BCVRR reel and a Wilson MT6144 12ft rod.

What do you guys think?

I am a first time Beach Fisher and am looking at a decent versatile combo That will catch the smaller fish but will also handle the bigger fish if I am lucky enough to hook some!

I also got some Platinum Platypus 12lb line for the reel!

Have I got the right setup??

I also have a spare Shimano BTR 4500B that I was thinking of putting 20lb? line on (Braid or Mono???)and was thinking of buying a rod to match... SO I could have a Spin combo aswell.

DO you think I am on the right track??? Would appreciate any/all advice!

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You have a nice set up there for anything from whiting, dart to bream, Tailor and Salmon ...you'll have fun with that outfit vs. a fat winter Salmon :)....With Alvey's, Playtpus is great, and I prefer the Lo-stretch series, which is better off in the surf conditions where you want to minimise any stretch in the line.



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