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headed out from tunks at 5.00am got our yakkas by 5.30am and headed south looking for legal kings

we usuly troll south but with all the bonito already in my freazer we were just sounding out bait and marking any good spots on the chartplotter

the plan was to do this all the way to bondi and then down rigg around the point and the old merk

neil spots a good flock off birds working wide off bondi so out goes the lures and first pass he hooks up while i was bringing the uther lure in it also gets smashed :yahoo: double this was a great start to what was to be the hottest kingy session to date both fish were released as they were just under but they had 5 or so followers we already had squid on two rods ready to go for the downriggers so they were lobbed right behind the boat and free spooled instant double again :yahoo:

well time stood still and the action was fast the bite lasted for two hours we even were getting them with a popper on 10lb braid witch was a first for both off us

we did eventully downrig closer in but the result was the same all kings were under size but that was the hotest king session i have ever had

we headed back at 10.00 to catch up with bergo and zoey at q point for a flatty session for a few small flattys[released] and two keeper flownder for a feed

a very good day even if all the kings were under size cheers gary

post-6655-008628500 1294249828_thumb.jpg

post-6655-090317800 1294249852_thumb.jpg

post-6655-032019100 1294249870_thumb.jpg

post-6655-051712000 1294249889_thumb.jpg

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Nice session....

I cant wait til this years kids grow up to be hoods cause there is going to be millions of them...... We have been struggling to get our baits past all the little guys as well and havent pulled in a legal for a few sessions now. At least the little guys still put on a good account for them selves.:thumbup:

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just a note we never got a hit on live yakkas all bait caught kings were on squid from a few weeks ago[fresh caught and vac seeled and frozen]

cheers gary

Hi Gary,

On this point (above) do Squid preserve best frozen totally submerged in salt water ... kept seven nice ones last night. The salt water doesn't freeze like fresh does and the Squid appear to be purple :(

Thanks, Brett

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