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Botany Bay 8.1.11


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Hi Guys

Made it on the water at 5am, off to cast poppers and sluggos at a few markers, loads of follows all really small fish but alas no hookups.

Filled up on yakkers in no time flat and then of for a squid but it was the lower part of the incoming and a little bit dirtier than a couple of days ago, so no squid.

Headed out around the heads double stacked downrigger and one on the surface sounding fairly regular kingie stacks on the way, Not long before all three rods go off in unison, first rod I picked up has a good fish on the end but about a minute into the fight he puts on the gas and I get smoked, the other two landed in quick time and both undersize.

I kept going over the area now with only two rods and king after king came in with two more good smoking's in between. It got to the point where the yakkers where getting smashed before I had a chance to set up the other rod. A couple of guys who were bait fishing came and asked what I was catching as they must of seen the mayhem, so I gave them a few yakkers(Hope they came up trumps). Headed in because I ran out of yakkers, all in all I reckon that I landed 16-17 kingies today and back at the ramp by 10:30.

Ended up with 1 keeper 750mm

post-9202-089400400 1294457616_thumb.jpg

It was a cracking day out there hope everyone else did well !!

Cheers :beersmile: Kriso

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Hey Adam I gave it a go but couldn't find the bolders water was very dirty, ended up in yarra bay.

I'll be out there tomorrow as well with my little brother, got all the kings today going back and forth from where i got that 920mm one to where you got your one out the front and the bigger ones were all taking it high - 4m to the surface.

See you out there tomorrow.

Cheers Kriso

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