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yabbie pumping at kurnell


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I think that all the areas around Kurnell that would be good for yabbies are enclosed within the no-fishing zone - marine sanctuary or whatever. As far as I am aware, you can pump the flats across the bay, near the StGeorges Sailing Club. Haven't done so for years, but maybe 10 years ago there were a small number of yabbies there, but they were small.

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hellow anglers

i want to go fishing to kurnell tomorrow but i want to use yabbies does anyone know if i can pump yabbies at kurnell? and were abouts

thank you :1fishing1:

cant say ive heard of or ever seen any body pumpin nippers at kurnell, best is go 2 out the front of the sailing club just past taren pt bridge,its an early low tide then head out 2 kurnell, the best nippers you will find are at maianbar, bit of a hike though if u are going 2 kurnell. There still there gcc,but 2 get the bigger ones u need 2 get out into the water just b4 the weed beds start.

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