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bay sunday


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Got out in the rain at 430.straight to top up with yakkers. Got to Cape Banks & started passes . First one rat aboard ,things look good then backover the same mark again. Another 620 .As long as they are there we can ungrade . Next a bonnie . Things then closed up so we trolled some minnows to get a few more Bonnies . Got a couple more bonnies up near little bay . On the way back past cape we DR back inside to endeavour point for zip . Hit Mol Point for no reason than to get rid of burley .[ i dont know why but I just dont like that place to fish] . So headed out off a reef off Bare Island & floated a couple of livies for one rat which was good to know they go there as there is always yakkers there. A nice 330 snapper which the wife will enjoy rather than bonito for dinner . So all in all not a bad way to spend one of the last of the days of the holidays with a mate wetting a line . :1fishing1:

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