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Can't decide


Help me choose  

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  1. 1. For SP Bream fishing, with 3lb braid and a Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500? What would you fish with?

    • Pflueger Trion 7ft 1-3kg
    • Shimano T-curve Tournament 6'6 1-3kg
    • Shimano T-curve Flight 6'6 1-4kg
    • Lox Yoshi 7ft 1-3kg
    • Lox Yoshi 7'6ft 1-3kg
    • Lox Yoshi 6'6ft 1-3kg

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I just can't decide so over to you guys.

I'm going to be fishing the Botany Bay flats and the oyster racks for bream.

I can get the trion for $99, the lox for $200, and the shimano's for $190-$230

They all feel really nice with the Ci4, but in saying that, none of them balance up the way i want to. I like fishing with my reel stem in between my middle and ring finger, but all the balance points seem to be way further forward near the end of the forward grip. This is why i'm finding it hard to choose. I tried them all with my Stradic Ci4 (200g) and Sedona (270g) but even with the heavier reel they were all tip heavy from the reel stem. As i'm never going to be satisified and suspect custom rods will be too pricey, I'll just settle for now.

Opinions please ladies and gents.

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Try to balance it with a 2-4kg trion Basscatcher has his stradic matched to it and a 2000 sized exceller and fishes 3lb braid with it or the Quantum 7"2' response spin?. but if your just settling and looking for a custom job would go the trion, they are still a nice rod for the price!

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I understand what your saying about the balance point,but you have to remember a rod with a reel on is designed to be balanced at the foregrip,not at the reel seat.Another thing to think about is having line running through the guides,and a lure/sinker attached to the line,this will set another balance point on the outfit.The weight of the line on the reel 'usually' make the balance point at the reel stem.

I hold my rod/reel in the same fasion,and had the same drama's finding a decent feeling set-up.I use 1000/2500 Twin powers,and 7'2 bream finnese raiders/jewels,and find these balance up nice.

My 2cents,hope this helps ya a bit.



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I have a 1000 shimano soare matched up with a shimano ET 2-4 graphite rod ($60).

I didn't like the feel of any of the rods you mentioned and liked the ET the most. The only problem was that the set up wasnt balanced - until I balanced it up by recessing and gluing a number 3 ball sinker into the end of the rod butt. Now it balances perfectly at the reel stem. I covered the end of the rod but with a piece of high density foam and sanded it down flush. Looks like it has always been there. :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

No reason why you couldnt balance up the rod by doing this.


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I bought the 1-4kg T-curve flight this arvo and took it for a spin in Gunnamatta bay. had a hook up on a small tailor that snapped me off (think it was a bad knot)

two guys fishing next to me picked up a 60+ flatty each which i was happy to see they both released.

bummer i didn't blood the new rod, but it feels great with the shimano stradic ci4 2500. got it for $189, stoked with the price and the rod.

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