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Rod to Suit TLD25 Land Based


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Hi Everyone,

just recently got a tld 25 for christmas and was wondering if anyone could recommed me a size for a rod to get to use land based?

also whats a good one that wont break the bank?

the reel came with a 5"6 rod and i was using it on the weekend while fishing avoca land base and seems abit too small, if anyone could recommend anything that'll be great.

fishes i'll be targeting are mainly kingies and whatever else i can get.

cheers Daniel

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Gday Yukon,

I use an 8ft live fibre texalium rated to 24kg which I use with a saltist overhead. There are quite a few live fibre rods available around the 7ft and 8ft mark and There is a Live Fibre LBG rod which is 9ft 6" 15-24KG which I use with my TLD25, you will have to adjust the reel clamp of the TLD slightly to make it fit.

Transporting the LBG rod is hard due to it being a 1 piece rod, it only just fits in my commodore through the boot.

Hope this gives you a good idea.



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