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Syd - Northern Beaches Rock fishing


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Your name: Ben

Age: 28

Your Location: Crows Nest, Syd

Fishing technique: Rock fishing - blackfish, Kingies, spinning etc

Availability: Weekends only

Preferred location: northern beaches / centeral coast

Provide your own gear? Yes

Provide your own boat? No

Hi All

I do abit of surf fishing, and im keen to get out on the rocks - but dont want to go alone (espically for saftey's sake).

Im pretty in-experienced off the rocks and am very keen to learn. I have a decent 12'6" surf outfit, rock boots and most of the other gear needed(i think)

Im a 9-5 desk jockey, so anytime weekends are a go. Travelling isnt a problem but id prefer to stay north.

other than that - feel free to drop me a line if your keen to get out / adopt a learner

edit: (just realised i should update my profile abit...done)

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Hey mate,

Im north side and happy to accompany you. Can only do Saturdays and wouldn't mind targeting some kings Landbased from the stones. I've got a few spots in mind and we might even hit up my local places in the harbour. If you are interested let me know.


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Hi Ben,

I regularly fish the Northern beaches, I spend most of my time (during summer anyway) targeting Kingfish off the rocks with lures and catch plenty of other fish in-between to keep me occupied. Been an ok year with plenty of fish, if you can't catch a bonito at the moment you should give up fishing, and plenty of kings too but most of the Kings have been well short of legal size. I work 9-5 Monday - Friday but often sneak in a couple of hours fishing after work which in my opinion is the best time (low light and low crowds). I am also free on weekends. Get in touch if you keen to tag along one time...


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Hi Guys,

I am also interested in joining the party if you will have me.

I have been fishing pretty much everywhere to try and catch my first Kingie but have had no luck yet.

I have the necessary gear for rock fishing and also have a pair of rock fishing boots.

I am happy to travel anywhere and may even be willing to chuck a sickie (for a good cause). Hehehe

Definitely available most weekends.


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