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  1. feel free to add some - these were just spots that i know - the whole idea was that the map be a collaboration of locations
  2. ive got a stealth kayak, which i take offshore. Its great. kayak fishing in general is great ! those cheap chinese fleabay kayaks are okay. they are for estuary ONLY. any swell or shop and you will find it tough but to get you started, and if your only fishing estuary / not going long distances then theyre a great from memory they're wide which = stable, but wide also means harder to paddle. they also dont have a rudder, so your going to need a bit of practice or you'l end up paddling around in circles theyre short too which means theyre slower, but more manuverable
  3. make your own squid jigs ... http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=76063&hl=
  4. these look awesome. going to try this!
  5. boat, landbased ? theres a decent charter i go on when im down there -see my 1st report from last year http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=71053&hl= pm me if your interested in the details
  6. ha awesome - those days dont come round often. looks like top fun love the lift of the kingy into the boat
  7. yep - i made that map a while ago. and yes it needs a good update. Just request access and ill let you edit it (have already added a few people to edit it)
  8. Hey all took the Yak out for the 1st time this year, and visited the wall at longreef. Usual packed house but i think the southerly shut down the fish as noone was catching anything. was very quiet. A few schools of baitfish on the surface but no action so decided to call it and head back in. Had my usual 2 lures out, while trolling back to the ramp when my small rod starts screaming. Im guessing it was a king, as i did the drag up on the 30lb braid but it just kept taking line off. i could not stop this beast. it was all over in about 15sec. I got down to my backing and thats when the line popped Lure in question was a halco red head, 2m hardbody got back to the beach to find a poor guy who'd majorly screwed up his boat retrieval. The boat trailer was in the sand...bogged, as was his ute. had to get another guy to tow him out - was a entertaining 20min
  9. bennoz

    xmas sales

    Hey all - anyone know of any xmas sales that are happening now/soon ? im in the market for a fishfinder and dont want to wait till after xmas. went to a few places on the weekend and its all full RRP
  10. mate you'l be fine. i havent come across any idiots in boats that have worried me in over a year of kayaking. i love it and go all round the harbor and offshore. i actually prefer to stay away from the heads as the reflected wave off the cliffs makes the chop uncomfortable over a few hours. i go out to longreef and sit a few Kms offshore and the waves there are great. the big rolling swell is easy to manage. Get a flag for your yak because your small and hide in the ruts. Other boats cant see you and thats your biggest worry
  11. G'day gents took the yak out for a spin on the weekend. left little manly boat ramp at a gentlemans hour of 9:30am. pottered around and picked up some squid and yakkas and then trolled to the front north head. found a massive bustup of salmon, and what looked to be kings underneath (they were bigger but couldnt make them out clearly, so who knows). Had a live squid out one side, live yakka out the other and was chucking plastics, slices, lures but didnt get a single hit. I must have been in the middle of this school for 30 min without a hit. once the school moved deeper, i checked my livies. The squid was still whole but clearly dead, and the yakka was swimming about so much he'd tangled the line around my rudder without me knowing. it was that bad i had to paddle back to quarantine beach and get out to unwrap it. Grrr ! after a break tried something different - i re-rigged some deep divers and trolled the heads. found the same school and went by them a few times without a touch. in the end it was a great, but frustrating day out on the water,
  12. ive tried heaps of sharpeners, but what finally worked for me was learning how to use a whetstone properly. its actually really easy this guy is pretty hardcore, but he shows you the best and easiest technique. none of this figure 8 rubbish, just simple up and back. keep the angle constant and start slow till you pick it up all you need is a 400/1000 grit double sided stone - about 40 bucks from practically everywhere forget the strop or the 4000 grit unless your OCD if your knife is really blunt start with the 400 if its just needs a touchup use the 1000 grit and his "slicing the water off the stone" finishing move. takes a minute to bring a knife back to sharp
  13. HA - that what i did. got a fishing yak (not a hobie though). i was out middle harbour about an hour earlier than you on sunday. Launched from the spit, paddled out past clontraf, grotto point, around to forty baskets. trolled 2 lures the whole way there and back for nothing. sounder was very quiet too. no bait balls, no birds or bust ups. Was still a great day to be out!
  14. Nicely done i was in my yak, on the same day, and launched from the same spot. Left about 2pm and went for a paddle trolling 2 hardboddies (2m and 5m deep). Paddled to balmoral, in front of middle head, around to washaway and back to the spit. plenty of stuff on the sounder but no takers. Was more a paddle session as the weather was awesome.
  15. heres what i do: goto the bank and ask for some coin bags. They are the perfect size for rigs and store easily in the tackle box plus they give you them free best thing i ever did
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