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Chasing Dollies , Tuna etc

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Hi All ,

Went out last Saturday and managed a nice Dollie , the thing is that I saw more larger fish swimming around ( estimate 20kg plus ) . We trolled the pakula Uzi's , X -raps and also jigged but could not turn them on . Exciting but frustating too .

I now have a couple of JB lures and am bursting at the seams to wet them !!

Does anyone else have these ( dingo range ) and if so , what speed are you trolling them at ? I am thinking around 6 knots , but while there are yellowfin and mahi-mahi about it would be great to hear from someone who uses these lures.

Also how nice are the dollies on the table !! I have only ever cooked one before in Qld after fixing a problem on a game boat after a comp and the skipper gave me a fish . Mate I rate them as the best table fish in the ocean ( also coral trout ) . I crumbed the one we got on Saturday and the missus also loved it which is great cause she has requested more !!! Happy Days .

Thanks fellas.


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Well done for getting a fish but you are crazy if you venture all the way out to the fads without any livies. Sometimes they will take anything and everything but often when they are being a bit more fussy you throw a livey in there and they go nuts for it!

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Hi Brad, I run quiet a few JB Lures. They are all good but my favorite is the Dingo in the evil colour. I also have little dingos, choppers, rippers and chooks. They have caught me blues, blacks and stripped marlin and just last Wed we got a 13kg dolly down at JB, they will also get you tuna. I run the lures at about 6 to 8 knots, depending on conditions.

As for the table quality of a dolly I'm with you one of the best going around, right up at the top.

Goodluck buddy you will hook up.

Cheers Silvo

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Thanks for the replies , I forgot to mention that the only dollie landed fell to a livie , you are all right , the livies were the only thing that excited them , see you out there this sunday !! :thumbup:



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