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hello all, its a bit of a late post but i went for an afternoon fish with my 3yr old son on the 3rd of january.

we stopped of at our yabby bank and pumped a few nippers for bait and after a bit of huffing and puffing i got enough for a fish.

first stop was at a new spot that i found a few days before when i took the brother in law and his daughter out where we got a nice 39cm whiting and a few more good hits and pulled hooks before we ran out of bait, but with the tide dead low and no movement we moved back to the yabby bank to try and shelter out of the 20kt sthly that has decided to blow up..

so with the anchor holding us just in line with the weed bed drop off, i cast out the yabbys alond the edge of the drop off and within about half an hour we managed these two nice whiting and a few small throwbacks.

first fish was a 36cm male and the second was a 39cm female, i felt bad keeping them but the first fish was hooked deep and bleeding and with a 3yr old telling me to keep his friend it was fish and chips for the next nights dinner.:1fishing1: cheers..stevo..

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