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Weather is all weird?!?


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Rain, shower, cloudy, windy all week for past couple of months.

Hmmm... seems as though weather in sydney is getting worse each year.

Where is our summer gone?!

Hardly seems appropriate to complain about Sydney weather given what's happening to our friends up in QLD. All down to the La Niña event gripping the country at the moment.

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Yeah, the barometric maps have been very different to a "normal" summer. I have been watching them regularly for the last four years trying to monitor their effects on Jew and usually this time of year we have Highs passing over of around 1030 with breif low pressure troughs comming over in between every 3-5 days. This year seems to be far few high pressure systems passing over us and most are struggling to make it even to 1015. Anyone know if this is "normal" during La Nina?

The only good news is that the Jew seem to have adjusted and are feeding at times of lower pressures than i would usually catch them, anyone else found this also?

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Looking through my fishing entries dated back 1986 right through to 89-90 the weather was exactly the same nothing but rain but I must say that the fishing was absolutely fantastic!! So this cycle might be around for a fair while before we go back into a drought period again There is absolutely nothing unusual about this weather except the fact the most people have a short memory when it comes to weather then ofcoarse it will all be blamed on climate change and all that nonsense


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