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Whitting on hard bodies


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Hi Raiders Happy new year to everyone

Thought id share some pics of the whiting i caught on hardbodies for the first time ever.Was great fun seeing the fish chase the lure and then having them pull some line off your reel on light line.

post-10704-097187000 1294913821_thumb.jpg

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Hey Snap !

What a top result that is !

I'm very impressed.

What depth were you fishing in ?

Does the lure sink or float?

What sort of a retrieve do you use?

Well done on a top result......hmmmmmm...whiting fillets.....droooooool......


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Well done and a nice catch of fish, i had a large whiting come up and smash a popper once, just shows you how active fish can get when the water temp is up. Cheers cg.

Provided me with Some of the best fun ive had on lures thats for sure!

My rig was a 2-4kg zion rod 2500 exceller reel with 10lb braid tied to 6lb leader with an allbright not.

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Hey Snap,

The price I've found for that lure is a staggering $21.50 each !

How much do you pay for them and where ?

It's time I chucked a lure around while waiting for the baits to get hit..

By the way, you can't receive any personal messages for some strange reason....


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