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In Forster for 2 weeks need tips

mr cali

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Hi all,

Just seeking some advice from locals on locations, bait and technique while I'm in Forster. Been taking the kids out the last couple of days, fished the oyster beds, drifted the sand beds etc and only managed to get small Breams.

Yesterday I anchored under the bridge and cleaned up with Whiting, which the kids really enjoyed.

We are staying at Lani's holiday park, and launch the boat there. Can anyone give me any tips on spots and techniques that I could try. Please PM me if you don't want to publicly announce them. Wanting to make this a great fishing trip for the kids.


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The water out from Lanis is a good spot to start!! Even in the caravan park, the creek down towards the front (where the little bridge goes over) usually has good flatties, bream & blackfish in it.

Are you fishing bait or lures?

The closer you cast towards any of the leases, jetties or other structure, the better chance of getting big bream. You also snag up a bit! but it is worth it, to get a better fish. If you can sneak into any of the leases & carefully anchor up, you will catch bigger fish casting between the racks, but you will also get busted off a lot as well. It really isn't what I would call 'kids fishing'! :wacko:

If you found lots of whiting near the bridge, chuck a slightly heavier line out with slightly larger sinker & you could/should get bream and/or flatties too.

Cast across the 'sand islands' in the middle of the weeds. Bream & flatties are often in them.

It's been really windy of late - use the wind to assist you in longer casting. Make sure the wind is on your back - the further away you cast, the better chance of getting a better fish.

Good luck


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Thanks for the reply Roberta. I'm mainly using baits, cause I tried small lures and on every cast it gets clogged up with weed that floating in the water. Limited luck with soft plastics too, only getting tailors who demolish them

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