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15-1-11 Morning


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Quick report, better than last attempt two weeks ago :thumbup:

Hit the bay around 6 am caught enough yakkas in about 20 min, started using one of those yabsaki jigs, i was getting three hook ups every drop. Great tackle!

Downrigged molinex point, drums and around the oil wharf, plenty on sounder but no takers. Decided to anchor up near rhe drums and have a go at a few tailor busting up the surface> Got a few on light ger which was fun. Put out the only squid we had that i had caught earlier in the week and in abouy 3 min zzzzzzzzzzzz :yahoo: finally i thought broke the drought. So excited didnt even bother winding in my soft plastic just put it in the rod holder and grabbed the rod going off. My mate comes over to the side of the boat to net the KINGIE!!!!! and then the rod in the holder buckles over so he grabs that and we are on to a double hook up. That leaves me to struggle wit the net and the rod and net his kingie for him so he can return the favour. Boated both kingies and high fives all around. One measured 52cm and the other 61cm both back in the drink and smiles all around while we are baiting up the yakkas and getting them over the edge to get smashed but nothing. Wish i had more squid this week every day im going for squid then back to the bay on the weekend. Out of the water at 11am and conditions were great the whole morning.

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Awesome stuff mate at least you boated your kingies, i was out all night then went to moli point this morning caught only one yakka which stuffed my rig up take catch more lol, we also caught two squid.

Dropped the yakka anchored up off moli point suddenly the yakka panicked next minute bzzzzz brought fish to surface only to have it spit it the last second. dropped it back down still kicking and managed to hook another one after some running and darting here and there landed a nice fat aust salmon.

Mate landed one 5 minutes later on squid ring.

Dropped whole live squid floating rig ten minutes later bzzzzzz another hit kingie this time took my bait straight over to wall and busted me off, whole squid was still on line throw out again then bzzzzzzz bigger kingies drag was set reel tight and the fish just ran big time again straight for the wall nothing i could do. ARRRGGGGGHHHHH no kingie's landed today.

Good morning

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