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Broken Bay water temp


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Hi all,

went for a fish this arvo with a couple of mates and headed out towards Barrenjoey head. We got a few undersize snapper and then moved on for a drift infront of Lion island. It was then i noticed the water temp. 24.2 degress :1yikes:

Did anyone else find it this warm or is my sounder faulty??

Didn't get any fish apart from rock cod, but I'd be interested to know if anyone else found the water this warm?


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It was 24+ in a raging current off Sydney Heads on Sunday. We fished with our backs to the wind all day and could not hold bottom for very long. We searched for lower temperatures closer in and when it got down to 22, the current was manageable. However, hordes of spikies and whiting were the main beneficeries.

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Seems like GW will have its advantages, therefore i refuse to pay the carbon tax, time to break out the barra gear next time i hit botany. Nah seriously sounds good, there might be some truth to the theory that water temps are a month or so behind air temps.

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