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Culburra beach

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Hi Guys,

Happy New Year ,

Spent a week down at Culburra over new years , spent a lot of time fishing as one does when around water.

First couple of trips headed out into the wide blue yonda only to be rewarded with small flathead and horrible currents , so decided to hit the river with the plastics.

First couple of days we only caught just legal flaties but lots of them all on squidgees , best colour was green , plenty of boats out chasing that magic monster croc which swims in this great water way.

Next day was the Culburra markets and I stumbled upon a fishing tackle stall which was more than what I had expected.

This bloke who was running his stall had all sorts of goodies some of which I had never seen before.

I picked up a few different styles of soft plastics but the one that grabed me the most and I must buy more of was a lure that looks like a baby flathead.

The lure comes in a variety of colours but the best colour seemed to be black. (I will have to take a pick of the lure and post it).

Anyhow after a late start was on the water for the run out tide , drifted the sandbanks and weed beds when all of sudden bang zzzzzzz , my little flick stick and black imitation baby flathead gets smashed , after a tussle and a missed net shot we finally landed this little croc.

68cm and a coupl of kilos.

Happy days and cant wait to try the lure out in the Hawkesburry.



post-507-089707200 1295303845_thumb.jpg

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nice size flatty - i might have to give it a go next time im there.

i was in culburra over xmas, catching big salmon from the beach (when it wasnt too windy)

Yeah boy they go hard , I got a few and lost a few some big monsters out there.

Heaps of big silver bream as well.

Looking forward to Easter.



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