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Botany Bay


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I had a top day out with good mate Johnno today chasing whatever came along.

We started off chasing Johnnos elusive first jewie but no luck again (he must have bananas on his boat) :074:

Next we set off to play with my new rod a BLOOD PYTHON :yahoo: what a weapon and blooded it on my PB WHITING OVER 40CMS

post-256-030163000 1295337822_thumb.jpg

We scored some top flatties and bream and a couple of really nice whiting in the shallows on hard bodies and plastics.

post-256-096066300 1295337830_thumb.jpg

post-256-023436900 1295337839_thumb.jpg

Next off to play with the rat kingies and I scored my first ever rat on a popper,geez they pull hard on bream gear.

post-256-097998300 1295337847_thumb.jpg

post-256-039766100 1295337857_thumb.jpg

No keeper kings but we had a few bigger specimens smash our poppers without hooking up :mad3:

Great day out with Johnno and thanks for showing me my first poppered kingie.

Cheers Swordie

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Looks as though you both had a great day out there.

That is a top elbow slapper there Stewy. :thumbup:

Keep at it Johnno, that Jewie is not too far away..

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It was a great day out a little overcast at times but uv factor was up.

Great to be back in the boat with good mate Stewy.

But my first jewfish is still out there

Great to see Stewie blood the new stick.

The berkley venom stick worked great on the cracker pb whiting.

All in all a great day out as always with Stewy.

Edited by johnno
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Great action as usual Stewy...were you up in Woolooware bay or thereabouts?

Yeh Rob was in Woolooware and you have to be very careful in there as the old oyster racks are a real hazard,high tide is a must :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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Nice one fellas, and congrats on the new PB Stewy :yahoo: I'm feelin' your pain, Johnno ... I'm still waiting for my first jewie on lure too :mad3:

I have heard a LOT of good reports about the new Berkley rods. Might be time to add to my collection I reckon! :thumbup:



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