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Catching Flathead and bottom species offshore?


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Hi All,

I constantly hear people talking about flathead being caught off Sydney in 50 metres or 30 metres etc, do you just drive out the heads until the water hits 50m and drop a bait on the flat bottom? Or is there some sort of specific areas that I need to look for?

Do I anchor or just drift along?

Would appreciate any feedback to help me get onto the fish outside Sydney.



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Finding flathead. They are sometimes found in the same general area, but not always. They can move around a bit. The depth you find flathead can also vary. Just because you catch some in 40m one day, doesn't mean you get them there a week later.

As for the general flathead grounds, it depends which waterway you're fishing out of. For example, if you were coming out of Botany Bay, I'd suggest heading east or south east and drifting in 35-55m. I'm sure other Raiders can give you the general location of some flathead grounds off Sydney.

Drifting is the best method for finding flathead. When you do catch a few, mark the spot on your GPS, or take note of the depth, then try the drift again. I've found on any particular day, they tend to stay around the same depth.

We've had a fairly good run over the last six months catching some good flathead, but never exactly in the same spot or even the same area. (click here or here to see our last couple of reports) The depth has varied from 20m to 50m. Some days it's taken a few hours and a lot of moving about to find a decent patch.

We'll stop and drift for twenty minutes, if nothing, we move a couple of hundred metres, maybe try a different depth, and try again.

We use a simple paternoster rig usually with strips of fish for bait. Also, make sure you use enough weight to keep on the bottom. This is when a strong current or wind can be a problem.

I hope this helps.



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