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Top day out with Joey (Joco)


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I had a great day out with Joco(Joey) today with plenty of fun and laughs and some nice fish to go with it.

We fished the Cooks for most of the day with softies and scored some great bream including the fish of the day a Black Bream !!! caught by Joco,nice fish mate.

post-256-060033500 1295505504_thumb.jpg

post-256-083706100 1295505511_thumb.jpg

Plenty of yellowfin bream as well and the ever present flatties in plague proportions.

post-256-071453900 1295505518_thumb.jpg

post-256-002904900 1295505526_thumb.jpg

post-256-078024200 1295505533_thumb.jpg

post-256-089248200 1295505541_thumb.jpg

post-256-066479900 1295505549_thumb.jpg

post-256-051825100 1295505557_thumb.jpg

post-256-033686700 1295505567_thumb.jpg

post-256-030950700 1295505576_thumb.jpg

post-256-083323000 1295505585_thumb.jpg

It was nice to have Joco playing a few of his favourite tunes on his Ipod as well,nice touch mate :thumbup:

After we played in the Cooks we decided to head out into the bay into a pretty stiff Nor-easter for a bit of kingy action and scored a couple of nearly legals and a cpouple of missed opportunities as well.Joco had a good sized king smash his lure but alas no hook-up :ranting2:

post-256-075094300 1295505617_thumb.jpg

post-256-034783000 1295505592_thumb.jpg

post-256-092760700 1295505599_thumb.jpg

On the way back to the ramp I was pleasently surprised to see a gentleman on a jet ski doing 4 knots in the 4 knot zone and I thanked him for being courteous.

Great day out with Joey and I hope we can do more fishing together in the near future.

I love Fishraider as I have met so many top guys and gals :yahoo:

Regards Stewy

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Stewy once again a BIG THANK YOU for the opportunity.

I had a ball.

The only NEGATIVE experience i had, was that flatty going nutts in the boat, that landed a few of those nasty spikes in my foot. STILL A BIT tender.

HOPE to do it all again soon.



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Nice report guys. Is that the Rooster tail poppers? I didn't realize they were that big. Here I decided to buy several small poppers and now I will have to go out and some big ones.

You are correct and they are the second largest at 135mm

Cheers Stewy

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Great report Stewy! :thumbup:

Top pics as well to go with a fun session.

How good is the fishing atm? Plenty of bream & flatties to go with some thumper whiting, nice jew at times & heaps of kings & bonnies. :yahoo:

Bloody unreal.

Well done boys!!



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Great to see you guys had a great day out. Bream and flatties first followed by kingies!

Joco, you are learning from a master and I can see your fishing is improving all the time. Just leave some fish in the bay for us mere mortals to catch eh?

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Seems that every time I'm not fishing you brain it Stewy!

Last time I went down all I could manage was to lose $40 worth of lures (in two casts :ranting2: ) and get sunburnt.

Hi Leon ,

Everytime you turn up I catch a fish right on cue....you are my good luck charm and I would definately like to have you aboard for a fish ASAP

As Leon pulled up on his bike I hooked up straight away just like the time before :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

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THANKS fellas, Stewy is a top bloke and a master fisherman....

NOW its time to christen my NEW Stella 1000 reel, that i received as a present for my BDAY.... Couldnt ask for much more....

Might go and target that 100cm Jewie :)

Lets go again Stewy :)

Edited by Joco
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