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What breaking strain line for a small baitcaster


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Hi Guys

I am setting up a 4-6kg 5'6" rod with a low profile Omoto Cervez 103A baitcaster reel which I intend to use for heavier soft plastics / larger lures for Flathead and School Jewfish. From prior experience I would prefer to use a high quality mono line.

Am I better with 4kg or 6kg line (or something else?) and what breaking strain leader would be best?

I already use both a 1-2kg and 2-4kg spinning rods for lighter sp/lure fishing .

Thanks for your help

regards Bill

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Depending what brand mono your useing it can vary considerably between brands a good choice would be (moimoi)

line which has a very thin diameter compared to other lines.In your case you could go for 6 kg for your baitcaster and still have the same diameter as 4 kg line,Other benefits with this mono line is its got bugger all memory meaning it does not come of the spool in springy coils which is exactly what you need for baitcaster reels. Thick springy lines on small baitcasters = BIRDSNESTS For leader material stick with flurocarbon you cant go wrong.

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