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Fishing Terrigal vs Entrance


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Hi Raider’s

I am heading to Entrance for two days fishing end of Fab.

One day i want to spend fishing in Terrigal.

What do you rate Terrigal vs Entrance what is the better location for fishing

I do have some fishing spots for Entrance but no clue for Terrigal.

Would like to hear fron you where it is better fishing.

I have never fished in there so any advice will be great.

I will be fishing from the boat. And can fish inside or out side.

Want to target any of the following Fish.

Flathead ,King Fish. Snapper or any other good fish.

What are the type of fish you get there and at what location?

Prefer to get some Live bait King Fish first. Then some Flathead and Snapper

Can any one guide me where to Fish for above fish. And where I can get

Some Live bait and squid. Any GPS Locations will be good. Or may be Marks on the Map.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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I would probably go to Avoca Rocks which is about 5-10min from Terrigal. It can get quite packed out but if you get there early morning then im sure you can get urself a decent spot. Just check the swell etc because that spot can be quite dangerous. Avoca has all the fish mentioned in your post. You can live bait there if there isn't too many ppl around, bottom bash or fish on the surface. I usually catch tailor, bream, salmon, bonnies there alot.l The last time i went there was around September 2010 and there wasn't any algae but bring cleats just incase. The entrance is always packed out these days and I find that quite discomforting to fish. Its overfished as well. Good luck, hope the info helps.

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Forget about fishing The Entrance. Tuggerah Lake has been had it for years. There are better fishing options available on the Central Coast.

Estuary wise try Brisbane Water especially the deeper water around The Rip bridge. Or you could head up to Swansea - great fishing to be had there.

If you want to head outside use Terrigal boatramp - it can be busy but much safer than Norah Head. Terrigal is around 20-30 minutes drive from The Entrance. You'll find bait pretty easily around the Skillion or head around to Avoca.

Hope this helps.

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