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botany fad run thursday 20th


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hi guys,

went out in unfamiliar waters yesterday and launched at botany to hit the fads and troll for some of those unexpected blacks guys have hooked of late.

got livies real quick at yarra bay then out the heads we go.23.5 and wicked very short sharp chop with deep backs on some..

check with deckies all good so off we go with a lure spread out...

we struggled to hit 8 - 10 knts with plenty of air time and just a real biatch to control out..

got out to fad and 24.6 but still very messy..

did about 7 -8 drifts with no hits with livies and lures on 2 occasions we got so close i coulda touched it with rod tip and the sounder was barren..

went over to peak and not much better there either so made way for the shelter of the bay..

trolled the heads area for little while not marking bugger all so went to drums and moll point area to play with rat kings for rest of the day..

about a dozen or so kings between 55 to low 60's were thrown back with not a hint of a legal amongst them..

was a very quiet day out there from what we saw..

my cook island friend who only had bream,blackies etc as a catch till now was rapt in catching 4 or so kings even though we kept throwing them back in on him ...:074:

the current out wide has slowed or stopped and the fad was standing upright and the drift we had was sth at 2 - 2.5 knts and most if not all was from swell and wind..

well worth going wide if ya contemplating it as there is some nice fish around just have to find them..


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