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Re-fuelling Problems


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My boat is fitted with a 115 litre underfloor fuel tank. This tank has two breathers attached. One to show when tank is full whilst refuelling and one normal breather.

I have had an issue happen to me twice whilst trying to refuel my boat. Both times whilst attempting to put fuel in it started coming out the normal breather hose and would not allow me to add more fuel to the tank without it pouring out the breather hose. The tank is only about half full and no where near showing that it should be full.

I am hoping that someone may have had this problem before or will be able to give me advice to solving this problem?

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I dont know anything about the 2nd tube that shows when the tank is full. Maybe it works as a sight tube style indicator.

If you try and re-fuel at a petrol station that has a slope in the driveway, all the fuel can run to one end of the tank making it hard to fill. Same issue again if you have a towbar mounted highish or lowish on your car, the boat will be tilted.

Sometimes the breather tubes can fill with fuel and air cannot escape thru them. This can occur if the breather lines have sags or low spots in them where the fuel can accumulate. If possible, the breather lines should be tied or mounted slightly slanting upwards from the main tank so the fuel can run out of them back into the main tank.

You can try undoing the filling cap and then taking a deep breath and blowing back down your breather tube. This will push any fuel stuck in the breather tube into the main tank. Then you know you have clear path for the air to escape.



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