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Fishing the Mid North Coast


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G'day Raiders,

Just got back from Lake Cathie and had to go two weeks without Fishraider could you believe it! But the fishing up there was great and I went nearly every day, whether it be wading the lake flicking plastics and poppers or hitting the offshore reefs for snapper and trag.

Lake Cathie was very fresh and the only things biting were flatties but hey, i'm not complaining, me and my dad got 10 keepers ranging from 36 - 52cm and I released a monster but that i'll get to later...

post-14559-089692200 1295685204_thumb.jpg

post-14559-091772700 1295685227_thumb.jpg

post-14559-080542100 1295685248_thumb.jpg And my first whiting on popper.

We also went out of Lauriton 3 times and got beautiful conditions offshore but had to cope with terrible bar crossings, punching through breakers on the way out then riding on the back of them on the way back in.

The offshore tally stands at:

14 snapper to 42cm

2 trag to 56cm

3 mowies

7 eastern blue spotted flatties (some tigers)

post-14559-061879000 1295685177_thumb.jpg

post-14559-058493500 1295685266_thumb.jpg

post-14559-097196900 1295685367_thumb.jpg

post-14559-021455000 1295685386_thumb.jpg

And a pesky dolphin that was dying (or dieased) that kept following us from spot to spot and stealing our fish when we got them near the surface :ranting2:

Now back to my PB flattie, it was my last chance to get out for a fish so I went out in the tinny by myself up the lake and flicked around some 2" mister twisters with my new LOX 1-3kg rod and it wasn't too long before ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ and the stradic Ci4 1000 was losing line like you wouldn't believe, after a good 2-3 mins and another few more screaming runs I had a fat 70cm flattie next to the boat.... but the fight wasn't over yet she then proceeded to tear a hole in my net and forced me to have to pull the net up over the rod and reel then have another few goes at netting it I finally got it in the boat and let out a massive WOAH!!!! I then raced back to the ramp, got my dad to take a few quick pics of it, then drove out to deeper water and released her.

post-14559-072533700 1295685299_thumb.jpg


6lb spiderwire

6lb leader

2" grub

post-14559-074236800 1295685324_thumb.jpg

post-14559-011861500 1295685340_thumb.jpg

The work of an angry croc

Well, back in Sydney now and it's already killing me not being able to go for a fish everyday... :mfr_lol:


Prawn Star.

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