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:1yikes: you guys are right, bit of both & inexperience.

Or maybe no brains & happy without them.

If he had studied the wave pattern, there was a break about 2min later.

I saw a guy in a speedboat attemp something similar a Lake Conjola entrance.

He kept travelling up & down the beach until there was a break, He did get out.

I thought he had no chance.

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No such rule in some states about it being mandatory to have life jackets on. Eg in Qld it depends on how big your boat is & how old you are.

I also don't reckon there is such a thing as a wave pattern. When crossing bars you simply have to read the water in front of you.

You are sort of right Alphabet, he went right when there big sets building. About 20 seconds after he went over, there was a lull where he could have got out easily.

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