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A fun day but with no legals


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Greg went out late last night(10pm) for squid, he managed 11 so not a bad effort considering the last few weeks efforts. He hit the main harbour on the recommendation of a mate who was out yesterday. Immediately after sending yakkas down, he was being squided by big southerns. He managed to bag one of these through pure dumb luck. Interestly he had a first at this spot whilst teasing a squid up on a yakka, about 15ft under the boat, it got slammed by 1/2 dozen rats leaving very little left, but amazingly they racked off real quick, as only a few seconds behind them was a 1-1.4metre whaler that finished off the rest of the squid. Dog eat dog world aye.

He moved locations not long afterwards for some more rats and a couple of smokings.

Total tally for the day was 15 rats, 4 bust offs, 14 squid, and a BIG southern.


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