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Fresh Squid, Castle Hill or surrounds


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Hey all, rather than get filled to the gullet on vb tonight like most other people will be doing ive decided to have an early night so i can wake up and go on a jew hunt tomorrow morning from berowra for the low tide in the morning, going to be going for my first legal! :biggrin2:

So, ill be searching around early morning for some mullet schools and hopefully get a few fresh slabs out of them. Failing that, as a backup does anyone know a good shop around castle hill that sells fresh squid? OR better still does anyone know a good area in Berowra Creek that stocks live squid?

Help a fellow fisho out so he can finally win!


Thanks in advance.

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There's a shop on Pennant Hills road, on your left just after turning on from Castle Hill Road. Sometimes they have freshly caught squid.

yea its called big als tackle just mention ali akles name and he will give you the best squid his got used 2 be my brthers wifes brother shop

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