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Central Coast 25/1/2011


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Went fishing with my mate Poolie up the Central Coast

After a long walk to the platform we baited up and got some yakkas, then I slabbed up a fresh Mullet I cought around my local and it was on for young and old!

First up we landed a handful or more keeper Squire which we kept 5 for the table from around 10 fish. Poolie then got a nice Rat that went a shade overr 62cm and back into the drink... then I dropped a nice King after it popped my leader lifting it up the ledge :ranting2:

That put me in a :1badmood: so I reluctantly re-rigged and cast out again, Poolie was spinning this time and after a few casts got onto a nice 55cm Bonnie :thumbup: I decided to have a play with the silly gear and got smashed by a 45cm Pike which I kept for later day for bait.

I watched some Bronze Whalers smashing a school of yakkas on the other side of the hole they went ballistic was mad to watch the fins and tail splashes on the surface as they charged into the bait-ball :1yikes:

We got down pretty low on the bait so we decided to call it for last cast. I threaded on my last piece of crusty Mullet and I got yet another Squire to take me to 4 in total.

After a long 45min walk to the car all uphill it was time to drive to Avoca to meet the Mrs and Kids for lunch. We sat and ate fresh prawns from South Tacoma on fresh bread, then went for a swim and afterwards a nice cold :beersmile: .

Sadly I didnt get any piccies while we were fishing as my phone ran out of battery, but we had a top day out.

Cannot wait to hit up there again early next week, and with a new job starting in a week or so Im itching to get out for that magic "last cast" before work pulls me back to another place, lol

Tight lines



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