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weather tomorrow

scotty d

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Guest Aussie007

i have been to the hacking on some rough days u can find plenty of shelter from the wind just be careful if ur in a small boat and go near burraneer point it can be rough with large swell rolling in and the swell breaking on the south side of the markers a couple months ago i was jumping the 1.5-2m swell rolling in right at burraneer point however in between the markers was ok there is a report here on FR from another member saying the swell is going to be 2m and unpredictable

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Just remember, swell in non windy condition is ok.

The swell will never tip a boat but will make it uncomfortable...the wind can pick a boat up if its not heavy or deep enough hull combined with large swell....

All boats are not made for blue water, check the weather paying particular attention to wind first then swell size....large swell and no wind = stay away from shallow reefs and rocks! Large swell with moderate wind means if you are in a smallish boat (shallow hull, tinny or light weight) stay in the harbour.

I know boats and the ocean, grew up and still live in the ocean. I just cant afford a boat right now :ranting2: saving for a flybridge ...riviera if possible :thumbup: so I'm land based...but I must admit..there are days when I am glad i was land based...it teaches you the sublets about what fish want :) and patience to examine and try different things in the same location :biggrin2:

Damn, I'm talkative tonight :biggrin2:

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