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Rigging up for gamefishing

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Hello everyone im trying to rig myself up for some big fish and need some help. Currently im running 80lbs braid into a 20 turn bimini twist. Now i have no idea where to go from there, how do i tye my leader onto the bimini???

Thanks for the help.


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personally i would only use the bimini twist on lighter lines eg mono 15kg 24kg for game fishing if u are using braid id go for a wind on knot as braid has a higher breaking strain there for the bimini knot is not needed id join your leader using a slim beuty or Pr knot even albright

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With a bimini I would tie on a sampo/swivel with a cats paw. Then you can change the traces/lures without having to cut anything

Or with straight braid to mono tie an albright with the sampo tied with uni knot or crimped.

The albright will enable you to have a reasonable lenght of shock leader.This will give a bit of spring

and give when a fish hits.

Cheers Rowan

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i know theres a link to animated knots in the heading of this site

i use the "Aussie plat knot" to tie a double in the line.

then something they call a "no-name knot" to tie the leader onto the double

very reliable. havent had a problem yet. winds on very well and quite easy to tie

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Hi Guys,

I don't use braid when marlin fishing. I run 50W tiagras loaded with 24kg and three penn (30s and 50's) with 15 kg, all mono, has more stretch. It does mean that you need to use the boat to keep that line tight all the time. I then run a double, tied with a simple plait knot about 2-3 inches long, plait is only 3-4 feet long. then use a wind-on leader 100 -150lb for the 15's and 250lb for the 24's. Gives greater control at the boat and also will give you a better chance if you manage to hook a larger fish. I then use sampo's tied with a uni knot. You can crimp the sampo's if you like.

Good luck and tight lines

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