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rock fisherman beware


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A warning has been issued for dangerous seas this weekend,swells are expected to be around two meter plus with a 19 second delay between them, what they are saying is there could be no swells for several minutes then several could come through suddenly these strange conditions are being caused by cyclone Wilma which is up around Norfolk Island .Cheers Laurie, BE CAREFUL,

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Totally agree all,

There will be decent enough swell this weekend to not warrant rock fishing ocean based and ocean side.

I fish Old Mans a fair amount (North Head , Sydney Heads) and also have surfed for the last 20 years. As a surfer and consistently jump off ocean rocks to surf I can see how dangerous rock fishing can be when swell is around 2m's +

Cyclone ground swell is very unpredictable and produces rouge waves very often ( a set of waves can be the same consistent size for an hour) then every hour a Wipeout set of waves can come in often double the size!!!

Sorry for the rant, I just hope my experience helps in this regard. I will surf 15 foot waves, but I will not rock fish in 6 foot waves unless I really want to get swept in, go for an ocean swim... ( I can ocean swim in large conditions ) but if anyone is not comfortable in what I have said, the safest place to be is in the rivers or at home sucking down a cold one :thumbup:

Have a happy safe weekend

By the way, HUEY told me the kings have gone inland to tail slap the PM about the flood levy after they heard from...good sources, that our PM was about to support a Rat Levy on Sydney and Botany rats??

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